November 8, 2021

Confessions of a Wisecracker

01. 11. 2021.

Nope, this isn’t a story of how I became a full-time stand-up comedian (or is it?).

I don’t think I possess that sort of unabashed confidence to be doing that anyway. This is about how I found copywriting—or better yet how copywriting found me—and how my wisecracking became my greatest asset.

It all begins with one witty remark that inflates the ego. Then come a hundred, coupled with a few exasperated sighs but enough laughter to keep you going. Was I notorious? Perhaps. Have I heard my share of “How do you come up with these things”? Absolutely. Being voted as the one who makes the worst jokes twice in high school, had to leave an indelible mark.

Somewhere along the way it became my choice of self-expression. Not going to lie, I’ve tried my hand at poetry too, believe me. You see, vulnerabilities are bad enough, so I'd rather wrap them up in a joke and laugh about it than burden the world of literature with verses about my day going to the dogs. Adulthood as I learnt is owning up to these aspects of self, making peace with it and if all goes well, making a career out of it.

I’ve also come to believe that wisecracking might be genetic, there may be no science to back that up but what I can offer is a convincing, “just believe me” with a slow head nod. No wonder, my stint with academia was short lived. Though no regrets there. Turns out economists are the Germans of the academic world, they don’t come with that sort of built-in humour. Which is ironic 'cause half their field is built on assumptions much like another field I know...improv comedy.

But we’re digressing here. Long story short, in copywriting I found solace in using my wit for good, and if that ropes in some business, what’s better?

As for what I said about full time stand up, well, I am only 22. Life is only beginning to roughen me up. Who knows, I’m probably one more my-boss-changed-my-entire-draft away from signing up for an open mic.

– Sharannya Mukherji

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